Rebecca Traister: Biden ‘Looks Appealing’ Because He’s A ‘Mainstream White Dude’

New York Magazine Writer at Large Rebecca Traister argued that Vice President Joe Biden ” looks appealing to us” because “He is a comforting, mainstream white dude” on Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry”

Traister said, “I love Joe Biden. I think he should run for president. I think everybody should run for president. I wish there were more nominees. … But the reception of him as a great alternate to Hillary, I think is super flawed. And I think we have to recognize why he’s comforting to us.”

She continued, “every one of Hillary’s flaws, save for being married to Bill Clinton, Joe Biden has, and then some, okay? He wrote the crime bill. He — Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court because the way he treated Anita Hill, and did not let Angela Wright testify in support of Anita Hill. He voted for the bankruptcy bill, while his son was working — Hunter was working for MBNA, the big financial firm that was lobbying for it, okay? He voted for the Hyde Amendment, okay? With no exceptions for rape and incest. He voted for the partial-birth abortion ban. He said appalling things about race. That hilarious thing he said about Barack Obama, that he was mainstream African-American who was…clean and bright and articulate, that was appalling.”

Traister concluded, “So, what I’m saying is, the reasons that he looks appealing to us are because he looks like a president, which is also why he’s Barack Obama’s vice president. He is a comforting, mainstream white dude. That is why he ran with Obama.”

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