Kasich: ‘I Favor Traditional Marriage,’ But ‘You’ve Got to Abide By the Ruling of the Court’

Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said that while he favors “traditional marriage,” “I think you’ve got to abide by the ruling of the court” while discussing Rowan County, KY clerk Kim Davis (D) on Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Kasich stated, [relevant remarks begin around 1:15] “Well, you know, my sense is when you’re a government employee, or you’re [an] elected official, I mean, I think you’ve got to abide by the ruling of the court. I don’t — I favor traditional marriage, Ohio actually had, in its constitution, a traditional marriage, but the court overruled it and said no. And I’ve been willing to accept it. The other thing I would say, Neil, about this whole issue is that, you know, we have a lot of young people that have walked away from, or are confused or uncertain about personal faith. And one of the things that I know that’s so great about it, being a flawed man, is that, thank God we have grace. So, sometimes I think people — you know, you can have your personal views, it’s how you handle them. And in this case, when young people, or people who are looking at what is religion all about, what is faith all about, when they see dust-ups like this, my concern is they go — they would go the other way and say, ‘Look, I don’t want anything to do with that.’ So, I understand her concern. I don’t agree with what her decision has been. But I also think we have bigger fish to fry in terms of the whole issue of faith and what it means. Because for me, it means, I get forgive — forgiven. It means that I’m supposed to live a life bigger than myself. It means that I have to be aware of those who are the downtrodden, and the widowed, the orphaned, I mean, so, that’s kind of how I look at it, Neil.”

Kasich was then asked if he believe fellow candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee were “grandstanding” by going to Kentucky, Kasich stated that he didn’t, and that he simply disagrees with them, and doesn’t need to comment on what other candidates do.

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