Warren: Trump’s Deportation Plan Disqualifies Him, But Some of His Tax Positions Are ‘Pretty Right’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) stated that while Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration position was “wrong” and “scratches his name off the list,” “Trump and I both agree, that there ought to be more taxation of the billionaires” on Tuesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View.”

Warren said of Trump, “There are a lot of places where he gets out and he talks about important things. Like, Donald Trump and I both agree, that there ought to be more taxation of the billionaires, the people who are making their money on Wall Street.”

After host Joy Behar called this a “pretty liberal position,” Warren responded, “Don’t call it liberal. It is a pretty right position. And it’s where most of America is.”

Warren added, “Well, I got to tell you, it’s the other half with Donald Trump. Because he’s the one who said he wants to rip 11 million people who live in this country right now, rip them out of their families, take them away, and deport them. For me, that just scratches his name off the list. You can’t be president of the United States if that’s your view about how we’re going to solve immigration reform. That’s wrong.”
She also stated in response to a question on what Trump was doing that resonated with voters, that one must remember “who he’s being measured against on the Republican side, no offense.” She continued, “I think part of what’s happening is people want to know what the candidates out there, and what they’re willing to fight for,” and specifically pointed to Democratic candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), saying, “I think this is what we need for all the presidential candidates.”

(h/t Daily Caller)

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