Harf: Stop Iran Rally ‘Speaks to the Level of Partisanship’ Over Deal

Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications to Secretary of State John Kerry Marie Harf stated that the Stop Iran Rally “speaks to the level of partisanship” over the Iran deal on Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live”

Harf stated, “I think the fact that a majority of republicans came out against the deal before it was even done, says something about the partisanship here that’s really at play. Look, we’re in an election year. We’re all well aware of that. But if you look at the undecided members of congress, the more they study it, the more they talk to experts, and scientists, secretary of energy Ernie Moniz, the more overwhelming support we get for this deal. So, look, the rally that’s about to take place on the Capitol speaks to the level of partisanship. They’re trying to score political points. What we’re focused on, is implementing this deal, and preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”

Harf was then asked about the declining support for the deal, even among Democrats, specifically numbers from the Pew Research Center that showed support for the deal dropping from 33% in July to 21% in September while opposition grew from 45% to 49% while support among Democrats dropped from 50% to 42% in the same time while opposition among Democrats grew slightly from 27% to 29%.

She said, “I think the poll numbers, quite frankly, are all over the place, all over the map when it comes to this deal. But one thing we’ve consistently seen is the more people know about the details in the deal, the more they support it ,and that’s the trajectory that we think is an important one. But look, the American people have a long history when it comes to the Iranian regime. We’ve lived through some very difficult times with them, and this is something that I think many people feel very strongly about. But again, when you get into the details, when you talk about all the restrictions, the unprecedented verification, the fact that this deal will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon forever, contrary to some Republican claims that I’ve heard even today on the Senate floor, forever they are prohibited from getting a nuclear weapon, I think that you’ll see the American people increasingly support this deal.”

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