Hillary Credits Self for Iran Deal in Tying Role Bringing Sanctions While Secretary of State

Wednesday at the Brookings Institution, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took partial credit for playing a key role in President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran when as secretary of state she worked to ensure sanctions levied on Iran were effective.

Clinton said, “Meanwhile I traveled the world, capital by capital, leader by leader, twisting arms to help build the global coalition that produced some of the most effective sanctions in history. With President Obama’s leadership we worked with Congress and the European Union to cut Iran off from the world’s economic and financial system. And one by one we persuaded energy-hungry consumers of Iranian oil like India and South Korea to cut back. Soon, Iran’s tankers sat rusting in port, its economy was collapsing. These new measures were effective because we made them global. American sanctions provided the foundation but Iran didn’t really feel the heat until we turned this into an international campaign, so biting that Iran had no choice but to negotiate. They could no longer play off one country against another. They had no place to hide, so they started looking for a way out.”

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