Maher: American ‘Tradition’ To ‘Hate Someone And Blame Them,’ Which We Do With Mexicans

HBO host Bill Maher argued, “it’s in our tradition to hate someone, and blame them for all our problems,” and that the US currently does that with Mexicans on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher began by doing a monologue on Australians taking over the US, where he said, “Australia is not sending us its best people. They’re bringing drugs. … They’re rapists.” Australians were taking American jobs, and “I’m told you cannot build a wall on the ocean, you can build a reef, and I will build the greatest reef the world has ever seen, a Great Barrier Reef, if you will, and I will make Mel Gibson pay for it. Will it work? No. Do i care? No.”

Maher then stated, “I don’t really hate Australians, but I’m an American, and it’s in our tradition to hate someone, and blame them for all our problems. In the mid-19th century, it was my people, the Irish, everyone hated, then it was the Chinese, the Italians, the Mexicans, the Jews, the Swedes, the Japanese, the Russians, and now the Mexicans again. if Donald Trump really wanted to make America great again, he wouldn’t build a wall, he’d build a mirror, then maybe we’d see that no one can actually take a job, someone has to give it to them. We could end our illegals problem tomorrow if we decided to stop hiring them. But no, we talk of walls to protect us from people so dangerous, that we can’t stop ourselves from paying them to raise our children.”

Maher concluded by playing a clip of former GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin declaring that people should “speak American” while in the US, and asking, “why are the people who demand that everyone speak English always the ones who can’t speak English?”

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