Buchanan: ‘We’re With’ Anyone Who Wants to Kill ISIS and AQ, Don’t Be ‘Fixated’ On Iran

Columnist Pat Buchanan criticized those “fixated on Iran,” adding, “ISIS is the enemy. Al Qaeda is the enemy. Anybody who in the short run will help us kill them” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

After fellow panelist Tom Rogan stated, “Iran is not an ally to our cause against ISIS, because it’s two sides of political sectarianism. The United States needs to be in the middle there. Where we don’t see that, you see this continuing conflagration. That said, I do think there is the potential for peace process, number one, if Assad goes. But you carve out that area on the eastern side or the western side that the Alawites control.” Buchanan responded, “The problem is, Tom, you guys are just so fixated on Iran. The key thing is, ISIS is the enemy. Al Qaeda is the enemy. Anybody who in the short run will help us kill them, we’re with.”

Buchanan also argued Russia’s Vladimir Putin is “protecting his national interest. It’s as clear as the nose on your face. … Look, Russia has also had a base in Tartus. It’s had alliance with Syria. That’s an ally. They care of their friends.” And “They’re the easiest people to understand in the world, if we would only try to understand the Russians as looking out for their national interests.”

Buchanan later added, “If it weren’t for Iran, ISIS and al Qaeda would be in Damascus today. If it weren’t for Iran and Hezbollah, they’ve been the bulwark behind Assad.”

Later, he said of Assad, “Why doesn’t the president – why don’t the Americans step in, realize we’ve got some unsavory friends here, dealing with some very unsavory enemies. We did that in World War II,  when we got along with J.V. Stalin.” After Rogan pointed to some of the human rights abuses committed by Assad, Buchanan asked, “Well, what do you want Assad to do? Quit and say, ‘Give it to ISIS?’ –.”

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