Trump: Perry ‘Terrific Guy,’ Jindal ‘Lightweight,’ Carson Was ‘Totally Into’ Abortions, ‘Disappointed’ In Romney

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump commented on former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and fellow GOP presidential candidates Bobby Jindal and Dr. Ben Carson on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

In the first segment, Trump commented on former Texas Governor Rick Perry ending his candidacy, saying, “Well, I knew Rick prior to his getting really nasty with me. He did get very nasty. And I responded accordingly. But he is a really terrific guy, a terrific person. I was very surprised to see what took place, frankly. And, I mean he gave a major speech in Washington about me, and I didn’t know, was I honored or was I insulted? But, I fully understand what he’s saying. Now, he did say he or she, so he’s probably referring to Carly, not me, but he’s a very nice man, and I’m sure he’s going to have a fantastic future. He’s just — you know, I knew him so well, and i was surprised that he became quite angry. And you know, anger’s not a great thing. Some people said I have a certain anger. I really don’t think I have an anger. I just want to get the job done.”

Trump did conceded that he took shots at Perry as well, but that he had to respond.

He continued, “Now you have this lightweight guy from — you know Bobby Jindal, a total lightweight. He went out. He’s gone viral now. He’s all over the place, trying to say nasty things. I’ve never even met the guy. I don’t think I’ve ever met him.”

Trump was asked about charges that he was a “nativist” and specifically what that word means to him. He answered, “I don’t know. Do you think they know what it means? Because I’m not sure they know what it means. I noticed that it has been used a few times, but I’m not sure they know what it means. The truth is, I love this country. I want to do a great job for this country. I’m giving up a lot. a politician doesn’t give up much, when you get right down to it. It still takes courage. I respect anybody that runs for this office because it takes courage. But it doesn’t take the kind of courage that it takes for me because I’m a non-politician. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never run before.”

Trump then addressed his spat with fellow GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, stating, “Well, I thought it was a very nasty comment. And I guess, you know, I am beating him very easily in the polls, by the way. Everyone says he’s surging, he’s surging. Well, I’m surging more than he is, and frankly, on a nationwide basis, I mean — the area that he’s closest is in Iowa, but the poll just came out where I’m leading with Evangelicals. I’m leading with just about every group. I’m leading with African-Americans. I’m leading with Hispanics. I’m leading with women. And they just want to see good things happen for the country. And in all due respect to Ben, you know, in one way, I’m happy he said that. I don’t think he should be attacking anybody’s faith. Because he doesn’t know me. I don’t know Ben, and he doesn’t know me. We met a couple times, about two seconds. He knows nothing about me or my faith.” And “He was totally, he was at a hospital which was major into abortions. He was totally into it. All of a sudden, he’s this totally wonderful guy who’s become very religious, etc, etc. And I just don’t think it’s right when a man questions somebody’s faith, in particular, when he knows nothing about me. You know, I’m Protestant. I’m Presbyterian. I’m a believer. I believe very strongly. I believe very strongly in the Bible. And, you know, to have a man that doesn’t know me question my faith. I thought it was inappropriate. Now, yesterday or last night I heard he totally took it back, and I guess it was a form of an apology. But, you know, that’s a pretty nasty blow.”

Trump added of Carson walking his comments back, “I didn’t win that. Look, I think he’s a very nice man. I’ve — the times that I’ve met, I met with his wife, who is absolutely lovely. And, frankly, I was so surprised when I heard this. That was a couple of days ago, and I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, what do we have here?’ So, now we get ready for battle. But I thought it was very nice that he did that. There is no winner. There’s no winner, believe me.”

In the second segment, Trump reacted to a Boston Globe report that veterans of Mitt Romney’s campaign are united in the common goal of defeating Trump with, “I’m disappointed in Mitt Romney. He’s the one that’s leading it, and he was a failure, and I’ve said it to everybody. He failed, it was an election that should have been won. The veterans of — so this is a group headed up by him, and I guess maybe he wants to get back in. He’ll never make it because he lost so badly. And this is pure Romney trying to get back in. If you look at the polls on veterans, they’re in favor of me. I’m the one that’s going to straighten out the VA. Romney had an election that absolutely, I don’t know what happened to him the final month, but it was a disaster, and Obama won an election that should have been won by the Republicans. So, you know, he’s probably sitting back saying ‘Oh, wow, look at this. Look what’s going on,’ because we have a movement going on. The veterans are totally in support of me. I have everybody. In fact, i’m the one that said CNN should pay them the huge amount of money that they’re going to make, give it to the veterans. So, I think that, you know, frankly, I’m sure that the veterans are going to be for me. But, I know that Mitt Romney’s trying to stir up a little trouble with veterans up there. And that’s, you know, sort of unfortunate. I like him. He’s a nice man, but unfortunately, he choked, or something happened. and he didn’t win an election that should have been won.”

Trump was asked about claims that he’s a “bully.” He answered, “Well, I think it’s an attitude that our country needs, because we get pushed around by everybody.” And that he thinks this attitude is part of the reason for his poll numbers.

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