Axelrod: Hillary Needs to ‘Untether’ Her ‘Absolutely Calibrated Language’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Democratic strategist David Axelrod said to turn around her plummeting poll numbers, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton needs to “untether” her “absolutely calibrated language.”

Axelrod said, “I think she needs to untether herself from the talking points, from the teleprompters, from the polling, get herself out of this straight jacket of inevitability and speak from the heart about why she wants to be president.”

He continued, “I think people want to know that the person they’re voting for is comfortable in their own skin and presenting themselves as they are, and is not filtering everything through a seven-second political kind of delay so that it comes out in absolutely calibrated language. Which is the feeling you get from Mrs. Clinton from time to time. They want to know that you are who you seem to be. I would argue that authenticity is leading indicator in presidential races if you look at the last presidential races the more authentic candidate tends to win that election at least in the general election. So it’s very, very important.”
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