Carson: I Don’t Have ‘Complex’ That My Experience Is The Only Meaningful Kind

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson commented on his experience, stating that he doesn’t “have that complex” that his experience is the only meaningful kind in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper released on Monday.

Carson was asked, [relevant exchange begins around 2:05] “he [fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump] is now saying that you don’t have the business experience, or really any experience other than being what he calls a okay doctor. I mean, just factually speaking, everybody says you are not just an okay doctor, that you are an extraordinary doctor, but beyond that, do you worry about a lack of experience?” He answered, “No, because I think everybody has different kinds of experiences, and, you know, it’s human nature to think that whatever you do, is the greatest thing, and provides everybody with their messiah. I don’t have that complex, quite frankly.” He also pointed to things he did outside medicine, such as his corporate experience, starting a nonprofit, and his life “working many different types of jobs, and living at virtually every socioeconomic level. I think those are the kinds of things that can give you very good preparation.”

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