Carson: My Faith Comments ‘Weren’t Meant As An Attack,’ ‘Primarily Talking About Me’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stated his comments about faith weren’t “meant as an attack. I was primarily talking about me” on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.”

Carson was asked about his intentions are the in upcoming GOP presidential debate. He responded that he would talk about his policies, and wasn’t in attacking anyone in particular, because there are better things to do.

The discussion then turned to Carson apologizing for remarks he made about fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s faith, and why he made the apology. Carson said, “Because it wasn’t meant as an attack. I was primarily talking about me, and what motivates me, and there were those who took it and revved it up into some kind of a big deal. And obviously it was interpreted that way after Mr. Trump heard it. But that simply wasn’t my intention. So that’s why.”

When asked whether a candidate’s faith matters, Carson stated, “Well, everybody operates on the basis of faith. It may not be faith in God. It may be faith in themselves, or some other entity. But there is no one whose demeanor and relationships with others is not dictated by their faith.”

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