CNN’s Sara Murray: ‘Immigration’ the One Word That Kept Coming Up at Trump Dallas Rally

Monday on CNN’s “AC360,” network political reporter Sara Murray gave her firsthand account of the scene at a rally for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump in Dallas.

According to Murray, the prevailing concern for attendees was the issue of immigration.

“You know, before the event started I talked to a number of people and this one word kept coming up, and it was ‘immigration,’” Murray said. “And Donald Trump gave them exactly what they wanted tonight. He said we need to put an end to illegal immigration, which got him a standing ovation here. And he said he would put an end to sanctuary cities, cities where undocumented immigrants can run through. This was a huge, huge applause line for this crowd here in Dallas. This is a very red state. A lot of very conservative republicans — a border state and this is exactly what a lot of people wanted to hear from Donald Trump tonight.”

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