Hillary: All GOP Candidates ‘Out of Touch,’ ‘Out of Date’ Like Trump

Monday in Cedar Rapids, IA, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said like front-runner Donald Trump, all the Republican candidates are “out of touch and out of date,” and would bring the country “back to, you know, where we were decades ago.”

Clinton was asked, “Can you tell us again about the debate that’s coming up and how you’re going to watch it and how they all look similarly to the front-runner?”

She replied, “Well, I had to watch it delayed because I was otherwise occupied. I think it’s the same for this next one that I’m going to have to watch it later. But I do, you know, I obviously will watch how each of the Republicans is out of touch and out of date in what they’re saying and keep track of that, because clearly their front-runner gets most of the attention, but there’s not any real difference in where they would take the country on so many of the important issues. Among them—and I want to keep, you know, drawing those contrasts. So that not just Democrats but Independents, Republicans, Americans one and all can understand that electing any of the Republican candidates would be a dramatic u-turn.”

Clinton continued, “They have all committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act. We would go back to, you know, where we were decades ago, and 16 million people would lose their coverage. They do not support, as I said today, equal pay for equal work or paid family leave or a lot of other tools that I’m advocating for women to be successful and effective in the workplace. And clearly the economic policies are unsuccessful. They’re failures. They want to go back to trickle down economics and absolutely the wrong direction for the country. So, I like to hear what they have to say and then draw the contrasts with each and every one of them.”

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