Trump: Immigrants Who Go To Top Schools And Achieve And Want To Stay, Should Be Allowed To

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that immigrants who go to top schools, have strong academic records, and want to stay and have a career in the US should be allowed to stay at a speech in Dallas, TX on Monday.

Trump, who also criticized birthright citizenship, sanctuary cities, called for building a wall on the southern border, and said the US is “a dumping ground for the rest of the world,” stated, “We want people to be in our country legally. Legally. And we want great people too. We want people of achievement. If you go to Harvard, or Stanford or the Wharton School of Finance, or any of these schools, or Yale, and you’re the top in your class, you graduate, you want to stay in the United States, and you want to have your career here, you can’t. They throw you out. They put you back in China. They send you back to Mexico. They send — those are the people, we need those people. We need them in Silicon Valley. We need them in Manhattan. We need them in Dallas. We need them. Why are we throwing them out? They want to be in this country, and we throw them out.”

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