Miss Alabama: Trump an ‘Entertainer,’ GOP Should Be ‘Terrified’ He Is Taking Attention Away from Other Candidates

Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin was asked at Sunday’s Miss America pageant about GOP front-runner Donald Trump and the reason he is currently the favorite, and Miss Alabama eviscerated him.

McGuffin explained that Trump is taking attention away from “incredible candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie” and if she were a Republican, she would be “absolutely terrified of that.”

“I think Donald Trump is an entertainer,” she said, “And I think he says what’s on a lot of people’s minds, but I think that the Republican Party should be absolutely terrified of all the attention that he is taking from incredible candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie who could absolutely do the job of president of the United States. And if I were a Republican, I would absolutely be terrified of that.”

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