Fiorina on Debate: ‘Trump Will Be Hearing Quite a Lot From Me‘

In an interview with John Harwood Wednesday on CNBC’s “Speakeasy,”  Republican presidential candidate and the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina said her rival Donald Trump is “going to be hearing quite a lot from me,” at the debate tonight.

Referencing to accusations that Trump inflates his financial successes, Fiorina said, “Donald Trump and I are in totally different business. He’s in the entertainment business. In the business I was in, we had to report our results publicly, and if I misrepresented those results or those projections I could be held criminally liable.”

Harwood said, “I think he said in some court case ‘everybody does it,’ in terms of inflating value.”

Fiorina said, “Actually everybody doesn’t do it. If I had done it, I could have gone to jail. Those are his standard. I think my standards are what the American people appropriate.”

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