Jindal Suggests Jail for Mayors, City Council Members of Sanctuary Cities

During Wednesday’s undercard debate broadcasted on CNN, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) offered some details on how he would handled immigration if elected president.

One of his suggestions was to threatened mayors and city council members of sanctuary cities with jail time for violating federal law.

“What I have said consistently is secure the border. I said after that is done, the American people will deal with the folks here pragmatically, compassionately,” Jindal said. “Now Rick, if you want to say Rubio or Jeb are for, that’s right. I’ve never been for amnesty, will never be for amnesty. Secure the border — we don’t need to do that as a comprehensive law. You need to put an end to sanctuary cities. It’s not enough to defend them. I think we need to criminalize and jail those mayors and councilmen as accessories for the crimes committed by people that shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

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