Carson: We ‘Have to Have Two Minimum Wages’ and Have Min Wage ‘Index’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that he is “probably, or possibly” in favor of raising the minimum wage, but that it should be indexed, and the country needs two minimum wages at Wednesday’s primetime debate on CNN.

Carson stated, “I was asked should it be raised? I said probably, or possibly. But what I added, which I think is the most important thing, is I said we need to get both sides of this issue to sit down, and talk about it, and negotiate a reasonable minimum wage, and index that, so that we never have to have this conversation again in the history of America. I think we also have to have two minimum wages, a starter and a sustaining. Because how are young people ever going to get a job, if you have such a high minimum wage that it makes it impractical to hire them?”

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