Christie on Obama ‘Muslim’ Question: ‘I Wouldn’t Have Permitted That’

In an appearance on Friday’s “Today” on NBC, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, reacted to how his opponent GOP front-runner Donald Trump handled a question about “Muslims” and the “Muslim president,” Barack Obama.

According to Christie, Trump should have handled it different if he wants to be taken seriously as a candidate.

“Listen, Donald Trump’s got to decide, as we’ve seen, I’ve said this all along,” Christie said. “He’s got to decide how serious a candidate he wants to be and how he handles different problems like this are going to determine that in the eyes of the American people.”

Christie later explained how he would have handled the situation.

“I’ll just tell you what I would do,” Christie added. “I wouldn’t have permitted that. If someone brought that up at a town hall meeting of mine, I would’ve said, ‘No, listen. Before we answer, let’s clear some things up for the rest of the audience. And I think you have an obligation as a leader to do that.”

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