Christie: Put Planned Parenthood Defunding on President’s Desk, Let Him Veto It

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie argued Republicans should put defunding Planned Parenthood, along with “everything…that he’s going to veto” on the president’s desk and let him veto it on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Christie was asked [relevant exchange begins around 5:25] if Republicans should pass a CR that doesn’t have Planned Parenthood funding and let the president shut down the government by vetoing it. He said, “They should not only do that, they should put everything on the president’s desk that he’s going to veto. We should do tax reform and put it on his desk. … I campaigned, as you know, in 2014, not only for governors, but for Senate candidates around this country who said, if we get a majority in the United States Senate, we’re going to do these things. Now they’re saying, oh no, no, we need 60, because of the filibuster rule. Do your job. And that’s what the American people are so frustrated by. Let’s — let the country see he’s the obstructionist-in-chief. If we pass good Republican tax reform, and he vetoes it, there will be outrage in this country. … Let’s repeal and replace Obamacare with a market-based system that we put on his desk. He wants to veto it, let him veto it.”

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