Levin: Media Is Focusing on ‘Phony’ Trump Muslim Question Interview

Talk radio host Mark Levin criticized the media’s focus on a “phony” controversy over GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s handling of a questioner who said President Obama is a Muslim on Friday.

Levin dismissed the issue as “phony,” and that Trump essentially dismissed the question, while denouncing the questioner as an “a-hole” and saying the question was idiotic. “backstabbing Republicans” wanted to make something out of a “fake issue.” He later added that no one cares what other candidates would do or think in such a situation, and criticized the media for making it a big issue.

Levin also stated that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement and “pushed the Muslim stuff,” and that Hillary Clinton is worse than Trump for “planting the seed in the first place.”

Levin concluded that people should “fight the media,” wondering why liberals thought it was a big deal if Obama is a Muslim, stating he doesn’t care about President Obama’s faith, and discussing President Obama’s relationship Rashid Khalidi and criticizing the media for not covering that.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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