Harris-Perry: GOP Looks More Diverse, Helps Republicans Deny Racism

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry noted on her Saturday show the diversity of the 2016 GOP primary candidates, with one female, two latinos and an African-American all in the running.

Harris-Perry admitted that the diversity of the GOP candidates “does actually look better than the Democratic Party,” and that if someone were to “level a charge of racism against the party,” it could be pointed out how much more diverse the GOP is than the Democratic Party.

“When you look at that GOP stage, two Latino candidates, an African-American candidate and a woman running, it just does actually look better than the Democratic party whose base is, in fact, much more diverse.”

“What it does do is say if someone wants to level a charge of racism against the party, they can say, ‘Excuse me, your candidate slate is actually less diverse,'” she continued. “It’s not so much it helps with those marginal voters but because there are many white Americans who don’t want to be seen and understood as racist, it allows you to say, ‘This is not a party with a race problem.'”

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