Levin: Media Should Receive ‘Backlash’ For Carson Coverage

Talk radio host Mark Levin criticized the media for its coverage of GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s comments about a Muslim being president on Monday.

Levin said Carson’s remarks have “nothing to do” with the Constitution, since Article VI deals with federal rules, not Carson’s personal preferences. He added that there should be “backlash” against the media for their liberal bias.

He also argued that there is a difference between Sharia Law and the laws of Christianity and Judaism, which are personal, as opposed to seeking dominance of the state, and that while not all Muslims follow Sharia, someone should ask Democratic candidates whether they would support a candidate who agrees with Sharia Law.

Levin further stated that someone’s faith shouldn’t matter if their faith is consistent with the Constitution, but that Carson should have asked Todd if he believes orthodox Sharia Law is consistent with the Constitution.

He concluded that such discussions of meaningless hypotheticals prevent discussions of real issues

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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