Sanders Slams Carson for Muslim Comments: ‘This Is the Year 2015′

Monday Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) criticized Republican presidential candidate, former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson saying he believes a Muslim would not be qualified to be president.

Sanders said, “This is the year 2015. For a long, long time in the history of America, there were people saying, ‘You know, we don’t want a Catholic to be President of the United States.’ And then John F. Kennedy became president in 1960. And then people saying, ‘Oh, we don’t want a black guy, an African-American to be president of the United States,’ and then finally Barack Obama became president of the United States.”

He continued, “Look, you judge candidates for president not on their religion, not on the color of their skin, but on their ideas on what they stand for. That’s what democracy is supposed to be about. So I was very disappointed in Dr. Carson’s statement and I disagree with him.”

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