Trump: ‘What I Said Is Nothing’ Compared to What Hillary Said About Obama in 2008

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s questioning of President Obama’s faith and place of birth made anything he said look like “nothing” on Monday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump said, [relevant remarks begin around 7:19], after sarcastically remarking that President Obama would certainly come to his defense after the jokes that were directed his way at the Emmy’s, and that he took the jokes as “a badge of courage, a badge of honor,” “there was no Hillary joke, and look what she said about President Obama in 2008. Believe me, what I said is nothing. Take a look at what Hillary said in 2008 when she was running against him.”

He added,”people don’t know that and people don’t talk about it. Actually, people do know about it but they don’t talk about it. I think they should go back and look at it.” Trump elaborated that he was referring to rumors about President Obama’s faith and where he was born.

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