WH Spox: GOP Candidates Admit ‘Offensive Views’ in Pursuit of Votes

Monday at the White House press briefing press secretary Josh Earnest reacted to Republican presidential candidate, neurosurgeon Ben Carson saying he believes a Muslim would not be qualified to be president by attacking the entire GOP field.

Earnest said, “We have seen a willingness on a part of many of those candidates to countenance offensive views all in pursuit of political support and in the case of the Republican primary in pursuit of votes. I think whats is particularly disappointing to many observers, including me, is that we haven’t seen a significant outcry from all of the other candidates in the Republican race and it’s for the same reason, they are chasing for the same votes.”

He added, “Ironically enough I actually think the views articulated  Dr. Carson are entirely inconsistent with the Constitution that actually does guarantee the freedom of religion in this country. So ultimately there will be consequences certainly those views will be taken into account by voter both in the primary but also in the general election.”

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