Cowherd: Conspiracy That Patriots Schedule Is Too Easy?

On Tuesday, Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd pointed out the New England Patriots 2015-2016 schedule and said if someone was a conspiracy theorist against the Patriots, who escaped “Deflate-gate” without losing their star quarterback Tom Brady for four games shortly before the season, that schedule could give them an argument.

The Patriots were accused, and later found of no wrong-doing, of tampering with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ headsets during the opening game of the 2015 season and also been punished for their part in “Spy-gate” where they were videotaping New York Jets coaches’ defensive signals.

Cowherd admitted that he liked to “work up” conspiracy theorists or truthers, using the conspiracy theories of assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, and noted that there are likely conspiracy theorists against the Patriots, and those people can now have “Schedule-gate” because the Patriots destroyed their two toughest opponents, the Buffalo Bills and the Steelers, and then only the New York Giants as the remaining tough opponent with a good or healthy quarterback.

“So guy who is a conspiracy theorist against the New England Patriots, there’s ‘Deflate-gate’ and there’s ‘Spy-gate’ and there’s ‘Headset-gate’ and there’s ‘Tuck rule-gate.’ Now there’s ‘Schedule-gate,'” said Cowherd.

“If you go look at the Patriots schedule they have a tough one against Eli at New York. I think it’s tough. The Giants, depending on the quarter, are fantastic or abysmal. You look at their schedule, it’s incredible. You can argue the two toughest year were opening with Big Ben and going to Buffalo with Rex [Ryan] and the defense, and they rolled both of them. So if you are a conspiracy guy, ‘Headset-gate,’ ‘Spy-gate,’ ‘Deflate-gate,’ ‘Tuck rule-gate,’ add ‘Schedule gate.'”

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