Granholm: Clinton Campaign Feel That Email ‘Fever Has Lifted’

Former Michigan Governor and Correct the Record Senior Advisor Jennifer Granholm said that people within Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign “feel like the fever” over her Clinton’s emails “has lifted” on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Granholm stated that at Clinton’s campaign headquarters, “there was a sense yesterday, she’s hitting her stride, Hillary Clinton’s hitting her stride. She’s going out on these policies, I mean, I think you mentioned that this morning, that she was a great win on going after the prescription drug policy, she has a great policy that she started on climate change. The Keystone Pipeline thing, there was a big whoop yeah yesterday when she came out with that. And, to your point…I think that was strategic in the sense that it coincides with the pope’s position.

Granholm explained the delay in Clinton taking a position was because “She was looking at are they going to come out? Are they going to come out? How long do I have to hold off? And finally she said I’m not going to wait forever.”

Granholm then discussed the email story, wondering, “is it so shocking? Do we really believe that these experts at the FBI are not going to recover her private email? … I mean, this — it was reported back by the New York Times in March of this past year that she was responding to both the Benghazi inquiries, and to this letter that she got from the State Department asking for emails. So, it’s sort of a non-story.”

Granholm added, “I mean, they deleted the emails, and she turned over the server, and she turned over all the emails that relative to her work. And we’ll see whatever happens coming up. But I think the whole point of the FBI having it was because they wanted to see if there was a hack, if there was something in danger.”

She also pointed to the results of a recent Bloomberg poll showing her 70% favorability rating among Democrats and that 61% don’t care about her emails before stating, “Before yesterday, no one in the past two avails that she had had, nobody was asking about the email thing. People want to know now, already, she’s apologized. Let’s move on.”

When asked if the campaign was “throwing things against the wall” in reaction to email story burying other stories, Granholm, “people over there feel like the fever has lifted. I mean, these email stories this morning, which really there is just not — there’s just not much there to them. There’s nothing new in them.”

After co-host former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough said, “the State Department’s distancing themselves from Hillary’s story.” Granholm stated, “I guess I question that. I mean, the State Department sent a letter, and that’s what she said she responded to. But she’s also acknowledged that of course the Benghazi stuff, because they’ve been asking for it, that’s been a part of it too. So, what’s the there there? There’s just nothing new.” Granholm also pointed to Clinton’s prescription drug policy, stance against the Keystone XL Pipeline, and her climate change plan, which she argued the pope was boosting with his environmental message.

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