Trump: ‘Shrill’ Hillary Is the ‘Original Birther’

Wednesday in North Charleston, SC at a meeting of the South Carolina African-American Chamber of Commerce, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said his potential future opponent, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, is the “original birther” in reference to her 2008 primary campaign against then-Sen. Barack Obama, when Clinton staffers circulated a picture of Obama in Kenya in 2006, wearing traditional Somali clothing and a turban.

Trump called the former secretary of state “shrill” and added, “She was saying—oh what I said about Obama—and yet in 2008 she was the original birther. She is the one that started that whole thing. By the way, don’t switch your votes to Hillary. But Hillary is the one that started it. Check it out 2008.”

“So Hillary started it and then she acted so indignant,” he continued. “Give me a break.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Clinton denied having been a part of the birther movement in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on “The Tom Joyner Show.”

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