Former Stand-Out College RB Marcus Dupree Says He Was Offered $250K a Year, Oil Well During Recruiting

Former University of Oklahoma running back and high school standout Marcus Dupree was on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” Wednesday to discuss his recruitment back in the 1980s. Co-host Dan LeBatard asked him to recount some of the best things he was offered.

Dupree admitted to being offered $250,000 a year, while another offered him an oil well. Dupree would not give out which schools were giving these lucrative offers, but he did rule out Oklahoma and Texas.

“I got offered $250,000 a year to play at this certain college and my mom grabbed me so quick and jerked me by my head and she’s like, ‘You can’t take that money.’ That’s a million dollars for four years,” said Dupree.

LeBatard asked Dupree to share another one of best offers to play and Dupree responded, “Well, I got offered some oil wells.”

Dupree and his mother both knew they could not do anything to violate NCAA rules because they were aware the NCAA was watching the highly-recruited running back.

“They used to tell us what time we got up, what time we went to bed, what time we finished watching the news. I mean, they knew everything about my mom — bank account, whatever else, they could come in and tell us everything. They had a whole crew in there, and I didn’t even know it until the last week of recruiting, how many people were there. It was like I was the president or something,” he recalled.

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