Maher, Goodall: Big Game Hunters Must Have Small Penises

HBO host Bill Maher and Jane Goodall Institute Founder Jane Goodall argued that big game hunters must do engage in the activity because they have small penises on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher asked, “What did you think of the whole thing with Cecil the lion getting killed, and big game hunters saying, oh, actually we help preserve species. Isn’t that just annoying to hear that?”

Goodall answered, “It actually makes me sick. I’ve really tried, but I cannot get into the mind of somebody who will go out and shoot a beautiful animal.” Maher then cut in, “They have a small penis.” Goodall agreed, “They must have a very small penis.”

Maher then stated, “That’s not really the way to preserve a species is to kill it.” Goodall added, “in fact, they pick out the very males who are the most important for the continuity of the species, the ones with the biggest manes, the biggest tusks, biggest horns, and it makes me completely sick. And, you know, we’ve all criticized this one Minnesota dentist, correctly, but he’s one of many. And when he said I wouldn’t have taken him if I’d known he had a name. it didn’t make any difference to the lion if he had a name. and all the others are just as important, even though we haven’t given them a name.”

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