Maher to Oil Rig Workers: ‘F*ck Your Jobs’

HBO host Bill Maher declared, “f*ck your jobs” while talking about oil rig workers in Louisiana on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher, while discussing the Volkswagen emissions scandal, stated, “shouldn’t someone ask a Republican candidate…who are always going on about how we have too much regulation, and we should get rid of the EPA, Jeb Bush said it, I think, today, wants to crack down on the EPA, that if it wasn’t for the EPA, we wouldn’t have found out about this at all, right?”

He later added, after the subject of regulations killing jobs came up, “If forensics improves, what happens to serial killers? … somebody was on, was very mad at me for saying, because they were getting rid of some of the oil rig jobs in Louisiana, f*ck your jobs. If you have a job that kills people, get a different job. I’ve had — I had many jobs. A job is not for life.”

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