Perry: We Cannot Sacrifice our Principles for the Cult of Personality

Former Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) spoke Friday in Washington, DC, at the Family Research Council’s 10th annual Values Voter Summit and warned the audience against falling for the cult of personality phenomenon.

Perry said, “We in America don’t elect kings, we overthrow them. Today, Americans of all persuasion are gathering in the harbor of discontent. They are rebelling against a government too big to work—too incompetent to lead. We see in our politics today a lot of agitation, but I want us to think about this—I want to issue a word of caution. There is a difference between righteous indignation and unconstrained anger. Our anger must be put to constructive use to stop what is wrong and promote what is right. We cannot make the mistake to replace a liberal divider and chief with a conservative divider and chief. Or for that matter to sacrifice our principles for the cult of personality.”

He added, “Those of us who are voting in the Republican primary for president are not choosing a king who will dictate to us, but a leader who will listen to us. For those of us who are in Christ, we already have a king. Our country needs a ruler. Our country needs a ruler who is humble. Humble enough to fall upon their knees at the frailly of his or her humanity and the awesome power of his or her office. Wisdom involves not just identifying problems but also identifying solutions. The solution for America is not to divide this nation based on heritage or history or creed, it is to unite us based upn our common bonds of humanity.”

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