CNN’s Francona: Gun Free Zones Allow Perpetrators to Know ‘Most People Are Not Going To Be Armed’

CNN Military Analyst Lt. Col. (Ret.) Rick Francona stated that gun free zones make it so perpetrators “know that most people are not going to be armed” on Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

Francona said, “we were talking earlier about the gun-free zones in Oregon, and if I could give you a little perspective on that, Oregon is a shall-issue carry permit state. A lot of Oregonians do have concealed handgun licenses, that’s what we call them here, and we’re kind of one of the unique states that they do actually, a mental health check, when they issue that carry permit. The gun-free zones are areas that tell licensed gun owners that you are not allowed to carry your weapon in this facility. So, they do serve a purpose to let everyone know that this is a gun-free zone. Conversely…if you’re going to perpetrate some act, you know that most people are not going to be armed.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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