Watch: Three Suspects Sought for Vicious Attack on Store Owner in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department is searching for three suspects accused of assaulting a store owner.

Surveillance video shows the suspects: two teenage males and a teenage girl. They were trying to buy alcohol, but Young Lee, the store’s owner, believed they were under 21 and asked to see some identification.

The three teens came back to the store an hour later and began yelling and shoving Lee. Then the confrontation moved outside. One teen can be seen smashing a bottle over Lee’s head and then pushing Lee to the ground, and the female suspect appears to stab Lee while he was down.

The long-time store owner sustained several kicks to the head before witnesses intervened, and the three attackers fled.

According to Lee’s daughter, Lee did not sustain any major injuries during the attack and he is “OK.”

Two of the suspects were described as black males between 15 and 19 years of age. The third suspect was described as a Hispanic female, approximately 18 years old.

(h/t ABC7)

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