Judge Pirro: Obama ‘Pathetically’ Giving Up U.S. as World Super Power, Letting Putin Take Over

On Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Fox News Channel, host Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped President Barack Obama for his handling of Syrian President Assad, as well as Russian President Putin, saying Obama showed his “weakness” by allowing Putin to oversee Assad’s disposal of chemical weapons.

Pirro also accused Obama of “wimping out” and “recklessly and pathetically giving up as the world’s superpower” when he let Assad miss the deadline to dispose the dispose of the chemical weapons without any consequence and for letting a militaristic Putin overtake as the new super power.

“First, [Obama] didn’t have a strategy on ISIS,” began Pirro. “Then, he wanted Congress to approve a limited air strike in Syria. Then his strategy was to degrade, dismantle and destroy ISIS all the while he criticized Vladimir Putin saying, ‘He’s just a regional power who threatens neighbors, not out of strength but weakness.’ I’ve got news for you, folks. Vladamir Putin is not only a regional power, he is looking to be the world’s super power.”

“Because of his cunning military back ground and KGB training, he’s setting himself up to be just that. And ironically, with Barack Obama as Commander in Chief, the United States is recklessly and pathetically giving up as the world’s super power,” Pirro added.

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