CNN’s Houck: Gun-Free Zones ‘Lead Lambs to the Slaughter’

Monday on  “CNN Newsroom,” law enforcement analyst Harry Houck said that he has a “big problem” with “gun-free zones” like the Oregon college location of last week’s tragic shooting.

Houck said, “One big problem I have here is that this is a gun-free zone, all right, and the fact that, that maybe if security officers were there that were armed, they could have been able to engage this guy with their weapons, and maybe we could have prevented some of this carnage. But what we’ve learned and a lot of people have known throughout the years, is that gun-free zones, all they do is lead lambs to the slaughter. And that’s what happened here.”

He continued, “If I was a parent, and my kid went to that school, I’d be talking to that administration and say, ‘What is the problem here? Is this just your hatred for guns, is why there’s no guns here at this school? Or is it something else?’ And I want to know why, and I want the school’s responsibility.”

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