Napolitano: Legal Noose Around Clinton’s Throat Tightening

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is very animated in interviews when questioned about her email scandal  because “the legal noose around her throat is being tightened.”

Napolitano said, “I don’t blame her for being animated the legal noose around her throat is being tightened and it’s  a noose of her own creation. She made material misleading statements on that interview this morning. She is suggesting that the issue is what was personal and what was governmental. That is not what the government is looking at. The government is looking at whether or not she received stored and sent, classified material on a non-classified venue. She has repeatedly said no to that. Guess what? The government has found over 400 emails that were confidential, secret or top secret. How she is going to explain this way away before the Benghazi committee is what she is worried about, because it is nearly impossible to do. I have seen the emails. They are made public. How could she suggest that view of  North Korean military installation intercepts from Middle East government agents, cell phone and e-mail, pictures of foreign governments taken from the sky, the travel plans of U.S. ambassador while alive, Chris Stevens, How could she even suggest those were not classified material.”

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