FiveThirtyEight’s Enten: Donald Trump a ‘Show,’ Will Fade Out Closer to Election

Senior political writer and analyst for ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight Harry Enten commented on the 2016 Presidential Election during the “FiveThirtyEight” podcast Tuesday, saying GOP front-runner Donald Trump is a only a “show,” which is popular at the beginning, but will eventually “decline” when it comes down to “actual voting.”

“Trump is just somebody who is a show. It’s a show. People are interested in a show. Politics is reality TV. When it gets down to actual voting, we’ve seen over and over again shows decline and eventually go nowhere. Rememeber, Anthony Weiner was a show in New York City. He was leading polls through July and then he got five percent of the vote,” he said. “Shows do well early and then actual politicians tend to do well late.”

Enten also added that Trump is a “very smart man,” one who has “fooled a lot of people so far.”

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