Carson: Schools Should Have ‘Someone’ Who Is Armed, Open For ‘Discussions’ on More Gun Laws

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stated that schools ” should have someone there who is armed” and that “as long as we don’t compromise the Second Amendment, I’m open for all kind of discussions” on new gun laws on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf.”

Carson stated, “many of the places where these mass shootings occur are gun-free zones. So, these people who are crazed, but not so crazy as to go into a place where they’re likely to get shot, they select these places because they know that they’re not going to meet resistance. So, whether it’s the kindergarten teacher who is well trained, or a retired policeman, or someone who can stop the carnage. I think that makes a lot of sense.”

When asked if he was recommending armed guards or teachers at schools, Carson said, “I am saying that they should have some mechanism whereby they can defend themselves.” After anchor Wolf Blitzer asked what said mechanism would be, Carson responded, “It means not allowing this person just to come in and have free reign. We should have someone there who is armed, who is trained, and who can handle the weapon.”

Blitzer then asked, “you don’t want any additional gun laws in the United States, or do you believe there is room for closing the loophole to buy a gun at a gun show, for example, or have greater background checks if someone has psychological issues?”

Carson answered, “I’m a very reasonable person, you’ll find, and as long as we don’t compromise the Second Amendment, I’m open for all kind of discussions. You know, we’re smart people, and we need to use our collective intellect, instead of getting on opposite sides and throwing hand grenades at each other to solve this problem.”

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