OR Shooting Victim’s Family: ‘We Want To Be Left Alone,’ Media Should Get Out Once POTUS Leaves

Bonnie Schaan and Jessy Atkinson, the mother and brother of Cheyeanne Fitzgerald, who was wounded during the recent shooting in Roseburg, OR said they “want to be left alone” and expressed hope the media will leave along with the president on Thursday’s “O’Reilly Factor.”

Schaan said, “we want to be left alone, and let us be, and take care of our people here.” Atkison added, “Yeah, we understand the president’s coming here Friday, and we understand the president’s got to be here, but we just ask, and please God, leave media, take off with Obama. Leave us alone. Let us heal.” He also said, “Leave our sheriff alone. … Our county takes care of itself.”

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