Cruz: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Trump Will Be the Nominee

In an interview set to air on WABC-AM on Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) touted himself as a Republican presidential candidate and said he believed that the current front-runner Donald Trump will not ultimately prevail and be his party’s nominee.

Cruz was asked whether he believed he could beat Trump based on his principles by host WABC’s Rita Cosby and explained it was his view that eventually Trump’s current supporters would find their way to support his candidacy and stated his record going up again Washington as the reason why.

“[I] think in time I don’t believe Donald is going to be the nominee and I think in time the lion’s share of his supporters end up with us,” Cruz said. “And I think the reason is what I was just saying, that if you look to the records of all the Republican candidates there’s a big difference between my record and that of everyone else if you ask, who has stood up to Washington?

Cruz did acknowledge having Trump in the field has been a positive for his effort because it highlighted who will be the one to “stand up to Washington.”

“I’ll note, you know I think the most beneficial thing Donald Trump’s involvement in the race has been, I think his involvement has been tremendously helpful to my campaign, because it’s framed the central question of this primary,” Cruz added. “As who will stand up to Washington? And if that’s the central question, the natural next question, that any voter will ask is okay, well who actually has stood up to Washington? Who has a record in that regard?”

(h/t Politico)

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