MSNBC Guest on Hillary: ‘I Do Worry’ The Country Might Be ‘Worried’ About ‘Tackling Another First’

Political consultant Michael Tobman responded Saturday on MSNBC’s “Up” to the potential of electing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as the first female president in United States history and said he believes that voters are “stressed out” and “tired” after electing Barack Obama as the first African-American president.

He also added that he worries that other voters might be worried about “tackling another first” at president, which he said is “not fair.”

“I think the electorate is stressed out. They’re tired. There is fatigue about being stressed out, and about being worried, whether it’s about economic situations or tackling another first. We just had the first African-American president. Is the country ready to embrace the first female president, or do they need a calming influence in someone they know, they can trust, and are comfortable around? And I worry that’s not fair. But I do worry that’s a bit of it out there.”

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