Brazile: Gowdy on a ‘Partisan Witch Hunt’ to ‘Take Down Hillary’

Sunday CNN’s “State of the Union,” Democratic strategist Donna Brazile said it’s “proven” the Chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is conducting “a partisan witch hunt” to “take down Hillary Clinton.”

Brazile said, “Let me stop you, because we’ve had eight investigative hearings. The State Department has spent $14 million responding to congressional requests. We know the Defense Department has spent an insurmountable amount of man and women hours. If Mr. Gowdy and his Select Committee was interested in getting to the truth, they would have brought witnesses throughout the year to talk to intelligence, to talk to defense, to talk to the State Department.”

She continued, “This has been a partisan witch hunt. What are they investigating now? Where are the public hearings? $4.6 million of taxpayers’ money.”

She added, “Why hasn’t Mr. Gowdy called either Mr. Panetta or Mr. Gates to respond to that? Because he’s not interested in getting to the truth. He wants to take down Hillary Clinton and that has been proven.”

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