Fiorina: Obama, Hillary Have Made the Middle East ‘More Dangerous’ by ‘Conveying Weakness’

Sunday on WMUR’s “CloseUP,” Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her successor current Secretary of State John Kerry have made the situation in the Middle East “more dangerous” and conveyed “weakness” to Russia.

Fiorina said, “First we need to recognize Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq have entered into an unholy alliance. Syria and Iran in particular want to dominate the region. Russia wants to become the new power in the Middle East. We can not let this stand. We also have to recognize President Obama refusal to act over a three year period has made this hugely more dangerous than it needed to be.”

Fiorina said she would gather our allies in the region to fight back by providing “leadership, support and resolve from the Untied States of America.”

When asked if the Untied States should go it alone on a no fly zone over Syria Fiorina continued, “We have to because Russia has threatened our military maneuvers in the air.”

She said when a Russian general went into the American embassy in Baghdad only a few hours before Russia began bombing in Syria it was, “An  incredible sign of weakness that this president has put us in,” adding “This president, John Kerry, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who you will recall called Bashar al-Assad a positive reformer, said she could reset our relationship with Russia, everyone single of those actions over time has conveyed weakness to Russia. And so now Russia is challenging our presence in the region directly so now we directly must stand up to that challenge .”

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