DNC Comms Director: Gabbard Being Disinvited From Debate Not ‘An Issue At All’

DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda stated, “This isn’t an issue at all” when asked about Representative and DNC vice chairwoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) claiming she was disinvited from the party’s first debate after calling for more debates on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

Miranda was asked about Gabbard’s claims, to which he answered, “Well, I think — you know, the Democratic Party is a big tent party, and that’s one of the great things about being a Democrat is you’re going to have a lot of different opinions, whether it’s about how many debates, whether it’s about Philadelphia as the site for the convention, even the primary calendar. At this time eight years ago, I was dealing with calls from reporters every day because Florida and Michigan had jumped further ahead, and that was a real issue because we were losing delegates.”

Anchor Jake Tapper then cut in to ask why Gabbard was disinvited, to which Miranda said, “This isn’t an issue at all. All we asked is that — you know, we want folks to focus not on intraparty issues, but focus on the candidates, because we’ve got several candidates who tomorrow are going to be introducing themselves. They have an opportunity to present their vision for moving America forward, and that’s where the attention should be, and so we want to provide that opportunity. That’s why what we’ve done is, we’ve built out more than 200 house parties and watch parties all across the country, 41 states, that are going to be focusing in on everything that these candidates are saying, how they’re introducing themselves, what their plans are. That’s what we really want to keep the attention on.”

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