Israeli Ambassador Dermer: International Community Has ‘Lazy Moral Equivalency’

Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer slammed the international community for its “lazy moral equivalency” regarding the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Thursday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Dermer stated that he believes State Department Spokesman John Kirby was “referring to was an incident there by an individual, a Jewish individual that had attacked Arabs, and he classified that as being acts of terrorism” when he said both sides were “guilty of acts of terror”.

Dermer added that the “key difference” is “what does the leadership do in the face of that action?” He stated Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu condemned this action, while Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas hasn’t condemned any of the murders of Israeli citizens.

Dermer continued that Abbas is “not being called out by the international community. They are not singling him out and saying, ‘President Abbas, you need to stop the incitement, to stop the lying, and to start condemning terrorism.’ That’s what they’re not doing, and they fall into this lazy moral equivalency, which happens throughout the world that it’s everybody’s wrong, everybody’s at fault. There’s a cycle of violence. It’s not a cycle of violence. There’s an attack and assault against the Jewish community, and President Abbas has been, so far, unfortunately, part of the problem instead of part of the solution.”

He later criticized the “culture of hatred and incitement within Palestinian society that glorifies killers.” Dermer additionally argued the incitement is increasing in recent weeks thanks to lies being spread over Israel planning to destroy mosques, and criticized the international community for not condemning Abbas for his roll in spreading these lies. He again said the international community is guilty of “intellectual laziness” that holds that everyone’s at fault.

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