Kasich: Freeze Regulations For a Year, Cut Individual Tax Rates to ‘Reagan Rates’

Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich discussed his taxation, budgeting, and regulatory plans on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Kasich said, “we have a legitimate plan, that freezes the non-defense discretionary, does put more money into defense spending, it controls the entitlements of Medicaid by sending it back to the states, Medicare with modern ways to approach healthcare.” Although, he later stated he “might” do the penny plan.

Kasich added that his corporate tax rate would be 25%, but there would be free repatriation of money held overseas, and that he would freeze regulations for a year in addition to having “a court of common sense so that a guy like you can actually go to normal people who take a look at some of the silly things government does, and puts a halt to it.”

He further elaborated that his tax plan would “take the Reagan rates at 28%, individual rate, and capital gains back to 15.” He also said he would eliminate the estate tax.

Kasich also stated that on energy he would do “everything,” including coal, and nuclear power.

He also vowed to send various programs back to the states, saying, that while he was “working on” all of the details, “education, we’re going to block grant all the money back. We’re also going to transfer — cut the gordian out on welfare regulations. Infrastructure, no longer send your gas money to Washington…keep it there. Don’t ever send it down here. Just keep it in the states.”

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