CNN’s Costello on a Biden Candidacy: Would He ‘Just Be Another White Person Running on the Democratic Side?’

Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” host Carol Costello asked if Vice President Joe Biden enters the presidential race, would he “just be another white person running on the Democratic side?”

Costello said, “Let’s switch gears and talk Joe Biden possibly running. If he enters the race, he’ll just be another white person running on the Democratic side, right? If you take a look at the Republican side, some say it’s the most diverse in history.”

Network contributor Amanda Carpenter relied, “That is true. There’s all this speculation if he’s running or not. I think he absolutely is. if you’re wondering, ask yourself this question. Would Joe Biden leave public life? If the answer is no, he is absolutely running for president because after this what else is there? There’s no immediately viable option. yes, I think he’s running. Yes, I think it’s going to hurt the Democratic party with the trifecta of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, old Washington establishment as it gets. that plays certainly into the Republicans’ favor.

In defense of the Democratic side, Robert Zimmerman said the Republicans “campaign like old, rich white people from the 1950’s.” He continued, “They’re advocating an agenda that doesn’t speak to diversity. Their agenda to demonize the gay and lesbian community, for example. So, I think the issue is not just your background. the issue is what you stand for and what you believe in.”

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