Kai Wright: We’ve Been Profiting Off of Inequity for a Long Time

On Saturday’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” on MSNBC, The Nation’s Kai Wright said that the United States has long been profiting off of inequity, saying that all of the investments in the 20th century were “discriminatory” because they left out black people and women.

“All of our versions of investment in the 20th century, whether it was in the labor movement, whether it was in public, wherever it was at, it was discriminatory. It actively left out black people and actively left out women and so we have worked on that over the years,” Wright said.

“I don’t know we can ascribe that to capitalism as much as we can to politics and political movements that have insisted upon changing the rules of the game, whether it be in government or the marketplace. And so that is the answer,” he continued. “The answer is not some magical outside thing. It’s our politics that say, ‘These are the rules of all of these things.’ And we must ensure there’s not profiting off an inequity within these systems.”

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